march on & on

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”
― Martin Luther King Jr.

#LOVE, no matter who you are, let's come together❤ grateful for the hundreds of people that came thru & printed tshirts + protest posters, all the shirt money is going to the local rape crisis & women protective services & the posters were free! #freedomofthepress

I'm speechless with all the love & support & community & more that took place today when it was really needed, here & my loves in DC/Austin/everywhere, & I went to a fancy art fundraiser later that evening with ink still stained on my hands (even after taking a shower) & couldn't be happier bc it goes with the #lbd here in the #lbk! 

#letterpress #thefword#texas #printOn #marchOn #comeTogether #solidarity #feminist #womensmarch #beheard #getinvolved #emotional #strength #letterpressforever

photos submitted by participants, please email me any that you have!

(&, I couldn't have done it without Stephanie Berrie & Kyle J. Bassett & Ashley Busby & lots of strong women & men, near & far)

&&& mark your calendars for First Friday Art Trail, February 3rd 6pm-9pm at Studio 4! BIG announcement coming soon!



Hancock & Hernandez: Visiting Artists!

John Hancock & Carlos Hernandez


Public Events:

Thursday, October 6th‪:‬ 7pm
Texas Tech University School of Art, Lecture Hall B-01
Artist Talk with Carlos & John
(open to the public)‬

Friday, October 7th‪:‬ 6pm-9pm
Charles Adams Studio Project - CASP’s Helen DeVitt Jones Print Studio
First Friday Art Trail: print demonstrations, exhibition, meet&greet, print sales, live printing, & more
(open to the public)‬

‪Saturday, October 8th‪:‬ 1-5pm
Charles Adams Studio Project - CASP's 5&J Gallery & Helen DeVitt Jones Print Studio
Monsters Mashup Workshop
(registration is CLOSED)


Hosted by:

Texas Tech University School of Art
Supported, in part, by Landmark Arts in the TTU School of Art. Exhibits and lecture programs are supported with a generous grant from the Helen Jones Foundation.
Additional support comes from Cultural Activities Fees administered through the College of Visual & Performing Arts.

Charles Adams Studio Project - CASP
This program is made possible in part through a grant from the City of Lubbock, as recommended by Civic Lubbock, Inc.

Sponsored by Speedball, Inc.

Organized by Victoria Marie Bee, Dirk Fowler, Chad Plunket, Future Akins


(please contact Victoria Marie Bee for more information; press release & more soon!)

John Hancock Bio:

"My name is John S. Hancock, I was born in Waxahachie, TX in the last century. I try to make funny pictures about sad things which satisfies my need to create. I am a professor of fine arts at an undisclosed small university in Central Texas. My solo work has been exhibited nationally and internationally along with my brother and Uncle Chuck. I am also one half of the AMAZING HANCOCK BROTHERS, we have put on exhibitions featuring prints, poetry, gun play, thoughtful mayhem, and minstrel buffoonery. We are the enfant terrible of hybrid printmaking." 

Carlos Hernandez Bio:

"My name is Carlos Hernandez - I grew up in Lubbock. I saw KISS at the Lubbock Coliseum when I was 13. I do A LOT of graphic design and illustration. And I make A LOT of prints. I own a printmaking studio in Houston -BURNING BONES PRESS. Also, I make a very good dirty martini (or so i have been told). 

My work has been exhibited across the USA and around the world. My artwork has also been published in CA Magazine, HOW, Carrier Pigeon NY, and others. I’ve created posters for many bands including Santana, Kings of Leon, The Kills, and even Weird Al Yankovic. I have made corporate grapic work for: Miller Brewing Company, Google, Lincoln Motor Company, Live Nation, New West Records, C3 Presents, Hohner USA, Goode Company, Underbelly, the Houston Chronicle, Saint Arnold Brewing Company, and more. One of my career highlights has been to work with my childhood idol and hot rod legend, Ed “Big Daddy” Roth. 

I'm a graduate of the Texas Tech Design Communication Program."

east of eden

& now that you don't have to be perfect, you can be good. 

— John Steinbeck, East of Eden 

V.M.BEE, proof sheet on the press & print made with CNC routed wood type & Goudy metal type, french paper, 12.5 inches x 19 inches, 2015

V.M.BEE, proof sheet on the press & print made with CNC routed wood type & Goudy metal type, french paper, 12.5 inches x 19 inches, 2015

let the countdown begin! so lucky & grateful to get to experience Vandercook heaven again, to learn lots at Penland School of Craft, to just be inspired, & so much more.

this print was made last summer there, & with the past year I've had & listening to the audio version of the book again when I couldn't read, only makes the words more powerful to me.

thank you all, for your ongoing love & support. 

&, I can't wait to share my adventures with you. &, everything else that's ahead, it's going to be so damn good. 

cheers & xo!