[artwork donated] medici circle 5x7 fundraiser

three artworks donated, & attending as part of CASP at Charles Adams' table!

The Medici Circle is a Lubbock community volunteer group supporting School of Art through friends-raising and fund-raising for art scholarships. Since 2005, when the group first formed, the Medici Circle has successfully created or augmented nearly $400,000 in art scholarship endowments through membership dues and annual fundraisers.

Medici Circle’s primary annual fundraiser is the much enjoyed 5x7 Art Scholarship Fundraiser. This event provides a delightful mix of art, food, drink, and wild fun during the “art grab.” This year's Coolsville-Rocking the 50s themed party will be held on january 21 2017 at the Lubbock Country Club- save the date. More details coming soon.

This year revenues from Medici Circle endowments provided scholarships to ten graduate and undergraduate scholars in the different areas of study at the School of Art. Because the Medici Circle continues to help create new endowments each year, the numbers and amounts of scholarships have steadily increased since 2008 when the first Medici Circle scholarship made. Medici Circle Endowments include:

Medici Circle Endowments include:

Bill Lockhart Art Scholarship Endowment (2007)
Ken Little - Medici Circle Studio Art Scholarship Endowment (2007)
Mrs. Linda S. & Dr. John M. Filippone, Jr. - Medici Circle Studio Art Scholarship Endowment (2009)
Terry Morrow - Medici Circle Art Scholarship Endowment (2010)
Rex & Bonnie Aycock - Medici Circle Master’s in Art History Scholarship Endowment (2011)
E. Grey Lewis, Jr. Memorial - Medici Circle Art Scholarship Endowment (2011)
Real & Muff Musgrave – Medici Circle Art Scholarship Endowment (2012)
Donna Howell-Sickles & John Sickles – Medici Circle Art Scholarship Endowment (2014)
Deborah Milosevich – Medici Circle Scholarship Endowment (2015)
Medici Circle Ceramic Arts Scholarship Endowment (2015)
The Paul D. Hanna Memorial – Medici Circle Endowed Scholarship for the Fine Arts

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east of eden

& now that you don't have to be perfect, you can be good. 

— John Steinbeck, East of Eden 

V.M.BEE, proof sheet on the press & print made with CNC routed wood type & Goudy metal type, french paper, 12.5 inches x 19 inches, 2015

V.M.BEE, proof sheet on the press & print made with CNC routed wood type & Goudy metal type, french paper, 12.5 inches x 19 inches, 2015

let the countdown begin! so lucky & grateful to get to experience Vandercook heaven again, to learn lots at Penland School of Craft, to just be inspired, & so much more.

this print was made last summer there, & with the past year I've had & listening to the audio version of the book again when I couldn't read, only makes the words more powerful to me.

thank you all, for your ongoing love & support. 

&, I can't wait to share my adventures with you. &, everything else that's ahead, it's going to be so damn good. 

cheers & xo! 

Penland School of Crafts - Scholarship Recipient for Letterpress Workshop

Recipient of a scholarship to attend a letterpress workshop at Penland School of Crafts this summer!

So excited & grateful! Can't wait!

Eileen Wallace
Drawing with the Press

This workshop will teach good printing practices in tandem with a healthy dose of experimentation. We’ll use handset type, carved blocks, and photopolymer plates and expand our choices through alternative materials. We’ll build our own type-high blocks and design creative lock-ups in the press in an effort to stay connected to the process and use the press as a way of drawing. To escape the ease and convenience of digital tools and enlarge our material vocabulary, we’ll experiment with alternatives and bring a new voice to the letterpress conversation. 

Lecturer at University of Georgia; other teaching: Haystack (ME), OxBow (MI), Washington University (St. Louis), Columbia College Chicago; residencies: Haystack (ME), Arrowmont (TN), Penland; exhibitions: Lamar Dodd School of Art (GA), University of Georgia, Southern Graphics Council (WI), American Academy (Rome).


Source: penland.org