march on & on

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”
― Martin Luther King Jr.

#LOVE, no matter who you are, let's come together❤ grateful for the hundreds of people that came thru & printed tshirts + protest posters, all the shirt money is going to the local rape crisis & women protective services & the posters were free! #freedomofthepress

I'm speechless with all the love & support & community & more that took place today when it was really needed, here & my loves in DC/Austin/everywhere, & I went to a fancy art fundraiser later that evening with ink still stained on my hands (even after taking a shower) & couldn't be happier bc it goes with the #lbd here in the #lbk! 

#letterpress #thefword#texas #printOn #marchOn #comeTogether #solidarity #feminist #womensmarch #beheard #getinvolved #emotional #strength #letterpressforever

photos submitted by participants, please email me any that you have!

(&, I couldn't have done it without Stephanie Berrie & Kyle J. Bassett & Ashley Busby & lots of strong women & men, near & far)

&&& mark your calendars for First Friday Art Trail, February 3rd 6pm-9pm at Studio 4! BIG announcement coming soon!