[SELECTED, Juried Exhibition] Still Life: The Ordinary Made Extraordinary

so grateful to announce that I have been selected by Juror Kate Breakey for Still Life: The Ordinary Made Extraordinary, at PhotoPlace Gallery in Vermont!

selected work:

& from your lips she drew the Hallelujah.

(also available for purchase from Charles Adams Gallery in Lubbock, Texas)

Still Life: The Ordinary Made Extraordinary

Juror: Kate Breakey
Gallery exhibition: January 2 – January 27, 2017

Juror’s Statement

I am honored to have juried the work for Still Life: The Ordinary Made Extraordinary for PhotoPlace Gallery. But I have to say how very difficult it was because I don’t think there was one image submitted that could not have gone in this exhibition. However, because of the huge number of images, only a small number of them could be selected for both exhibitions. I was greatly dismayed that so much truly excellent work had to be eliminated.  It’s obvious that some of the entries were from professional photographers whose work is  very sophisticated, polished and technically excellent. I appreciate the care and skill that this kind of studio work requires, but I wanted to include  images that had some magic and spontaneity — images that are poetic and playful, and not so carefully considered or contrived.   

 This was also a humbling experience. I was blown away by how much talent there is ‘out there’, and I wish everyone the very best in their lives as photographers and artists. 

Kate Breakey

Source: http://photoplacegallery.com/ordinary-made...