[documentation photography] Ghislaine Fremaux

Letting [details], Ghislaine Fremaux

Pastel, gouache, resin on collaged paper 8ft.x12ft. 2018 (documentation photography by VMBEE, December 2018)

Source: https://www.vmbee.com/documentation-photog...

[gratitude] bluets

lots of gratitude & love to everyone who made BLUETS so damn lovely, & all the kind words about my experiments with all things blue: letterpress, carbon paper, photographs, & cyanotypes

First Friday Art Trail at Studio 4, September 7th 6-10pm, 1010 Mac Davis Lane, Charles Adams Studio Project - CASP
letterpress & photography by Victoria Marie Bee
live music by Blind Blues Singers
vinyls by Flatland Records

Source: https://www.vmbee.com/calendar/2018/9/7/bl...