(sneak peek) tonja + sue

silly big smiles all day, breaking from end of semester stress & finishing up ‪‎photo editing‬ of Tonja + Susan's late summer ceremony for being happily & legally ‪married‬ in ‪‎Texas‬! I can't get over these photographs. &, #‪‎lifeIsLovely. ‬I'm so beyond ‪‎lucky‬ to know such ‪beautiful‬ people.  

(Lindsay + Scott's gorgeous ‪‎wedding‬ up next on deck, after I finish some crazy ‪‎art‬‪ ‎installation‬ + huge ‪‎photography‬ & ‪‎letterpress‬ ‪‎excitement‬ / ‪grading‬ / ‪#writing‬ / etc / this week. promise. : ) 

‪#‎photographyForever‬‪#‎LOVE‬, XO!