There Is Only One Side: A Vigil & Reading

First Friday Art Trail: Friday, September 1, 2017 6-9pm

When summoned to speak about the horrors in Charlottesville at the beginning of August, Trump denounced bigotry and violence "on many sides." 

As Jelani Cobb wrote in The New Yorker that same week, "When questioned about the rationale for Trump’s evenhandedness, the White House clarified that both the protesters and the counter-protesters had resorted to violence. This is notable in that the United States was once a country that did not see Nazis and those willing to fight them as morally equivalent. "

Friday, we gather to hold vigil for every life lost at the hands of systematic oppression, racism, and a society that too often chooses to look away. What has happened in Charlottesville is not the death rattle of an isolated radical group. This is the beginning if we are not vigilant. 

Please join us in shared pursuit as we showcase work by artist Patrick Quarm.

And as we hear works of protest, longing, and memoriam from the following readers and performers:

Kenna Neitch
Apryl Lewis
Amelia Reyes
Catherine Ragsdale
James Villanueva
Victoria McReynolds
Curtis Bauer
Chen Chen

The readings will begin promptly at 8pm in Studio 4.

photography of the reading

from First Friday Art Trail, September 1, 2017 - photo by VMBEE (from instagram @vbee)

Patrick Quarm (artist)