sunday fun day printing at CASP

come sling some ink with us, & make one-of-a-kind tote bags & works of art


April 30th, 1pm-5pm

Sunday Funday Printing at CASP: Summer Lovin’

Print your own summer tote! Helen DeVitt Jones Print Fellows Alberto Careaga & Zack Smith, have original designs for you to silkscreen print on totes that can be used for vacations out of town, trips to the coffee shop, green grocery shopping, & more!

$6 per tote bag, make one for yourself or a friend!


May 6th & May 7th, 1pm-5pm

Sunday Funday Printing at CASP: Texas Forever

Make unique mash-up prints! Helen DeVitt Jones Print Fellow Stephanie Berrie & Artist-In-Residence Victoria Marie Bee, have designs for you to silkscreen print, tailored to reflect Lubbock (made from vintage letterpress advertisement cuts & various odes to Texas, plus some original designs), that can be layered in different ways!

$6 for 4 sheets of paper, print individually or as a team to create one-of-a-kind works of art.

Fun for all ages! Bring your family, friends, or just yourself, & let’s sling some ink!

[No previous experience needed.]

Both events are taking place at the Helen DeVitt Jones Print Studio (located in the 5&J Building, part of Charles Adams Studio Project)

[just a few snapshots from the mashup event!]