Hannah G. Thompson


[photography by Victoria Marie Bee, 2016]

Hannah G. Thompson is a mixed media artist whose work questions the body and its form with her exploration of wearable sculpture. In her performances, she uses unexpected transformations to create interactions of absurdity and closeness between her and the audience. She uses images founded on, and abstracted from, reality to create personal landscapes that reference the disarray and order present in our everyday lives. Thompson uses her body to perform her fabric sculptures as a way of serving the audience a sequence of images that raise questions of the unknown and mysterious. In her performances she uncovers new layers and morphs her works with movement. She contends with the constraints she has built herself into, while blooming to soundscapes that she has mixed. She uses her sculptures to obscure identifying factors about the person or people in her work, while still celebrating the people and their joy of dancing in the work. By allowing the performer to choose how much of their identity they allow to be seen, she is creating a more comfortable space for people to “Dance Like No One’s Looking”. The sculptures are ephemeral and are only seen as intended when they are worn and performed. Thompson has been touring nationally, performing her wearable sculptures both solo, as OTHER GIRLS, and in collaboration with other artists. Her work has been influenced by the work of Pat Olezko, Ernesto Neto and many performers that she has met along the way. Hannah G. Thompson also has a background as a printmaker and artist educator. Through museum outreach at The Andy Warhol Museum, The Providence Children’s Museum and Provincetown Art Association and Museum she has taught afterschool programs helping to create connections across communities.