2016 5x7 Medici Circle Fundraiser

[V.M.BEE volunteered to be the event photographer, & is also donated some artwork for the run!]

The Medici Circle 5×7 Art Scholarship Fundraiser is an annual crowd pleaser with its delightful mix of art, food, drink, and wild fun during the “art grab.” Support of scholarships for students provides long-term benefit for future generations of artists, art historians and scholars, art educators, and graphic designers. Join us for the 2016 Medici Circle 5×7 Fundraiser on January 16, 2016 at the Lubbock Country Club as we celebrate during an evening of Victorian Futurism and Steampunk. Several hundred artworks by local, Texas, and national artists with ties to Texas Tech have been donated for the evening’s exhibition and “art grab.” Each work is 5×7 inches in size and exhibited anonymously. Each sells for$75 – you find out who the artist is after you purchase it. Special artworks and other items will be live auctioned during the evening.

The event will included:
Live Music
Cocktail Art Preview beginning at 6:30 PM
Dinner of Steampunk themed dishes
Live Auction of select items
Famous Art Grab
Dessert and more Live Music to close the evening.