sunday fun day printing at CASP

June 2017

come sling some ink with us, be introduced to various printmaking techniques, & more

June 4th: Postcard & Notecard Party

Come get inky with the CASP Crew! We will have blank postcards & notecards ready for you to print whatever pithy, yet loving, sentiment you'd like to send to friends & family. Get hands-on experience in letterpress, silkscreen, & general awesomeness to create unique one-of-a-kind cards!

Each card will cost $1.50 (or 4 for $6) to make, so feel free to get extra sassy. 

June 11th: Father's Day T-Shirts

Doesn't a loved one deserve a "World's Most OK Dad" shirt? Would it have a picture of Darth Vader on it? Maybe both?! That's up to you! Come join for a Father's Day shirt printing extravaganza! Learn how to screen print on fabric, & make a completely original t-shirt. Make one for dad, yourself, or anyone in your life — lots of different designs will be available!
Bring your own blank shirt to print on for $6, or let us provide the shirt & pay $10

June 18th: Ladies & 80s Summer  Totes

Print your own summer tote! We have original designs from local artists, for you to silkscreen print on totes that can be used for vacations out of town, trips to the coffee shop, green grocery shopping, & more! Let the fathers nap (or wake them up to join) & let's party to 80s tunes plus some funky designs.

$6 per tote bag, make one for yourself or a friend!

June 25th: Fourth of July & 'Merica

Just in time for July 4th, come print a poster with your own unique take on 'Patriotism.' We’ll be there to help you print & press your way to freedom. Paper will be provided & participants will be able to print using a mixture of screen-printing & letterpress methods.

Each poster will cost only $8, so make your family & country proud/embarrassed with your fresh take on Americana & all that goes with it.

snapshots from June 4th

snapshots from June 11th

snapshots from June 11th


Fun for all ages! Bring your family, friends, or just yourself, & let’s sling some ink!

[No previous experience needed.]

Both events are taking place at the Helen DeVitt Jones Print Studio (located in the 5&J Building, part of Charles Adams Studio Project)