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CENTRAL PIVOT: Noise & Ink Showcase

photos & more soon! so grateful to have presented this amazing event! xo!

Event Poster designed & screenprinted by Adam Mulsow

instagram images from Adam Mulsow, of his process screenprinting the event poster

this is only one photo from my phone, & it doesn’t even begin to show how amazing Central Pivot: Noise & Ink Showcase was last night (more photos soon) but there’s lots of people attending behind this & all around 5&J & beyond who made it so damn INCREDIBLE.

I’m still in shock & speechless, but I have to give so much gratitude to all who made this possible & everyone who attended last night. THANK YOU. this isn’t complete but I hope it’s a start: big love to Chad Plunket & CASP for believing in me & helping me make my crazy ideas happen, Christian Romero/Flatland Records for working hard to make it the best & doing lots behind the scenes, Adam Nicholas Mulsow for designing the fabulous event poster & screenprinting it & being so supportive, the most funny & charming Grin Reapers Victoria Isett & Karly Cadenhead for MCing the evening (& performing standup, including a piece of Bromance amazingness by Jon Whitfill & Chad), Jacob Nalle for not only playing an amazing set with his band Vector Conglomerate, but jumping in & doing sound for everyone who went on the stage, all the live music by Vector Conglomerate & Blind Blues Singers & Whimens & Hannah Who & Fellow American, art in the print studio by Adam & Eric Simpson & Stephanie Rae Berrie & Kynnedy Gleason & Mattie Hernandez & Chris Marin & Amber Tumbleson, food trucks by Native Veda/Rocky Reyna & Crusty's Wood Fired Pizza, lots of Beto O'Rourke love thanks to a table & clipboard volunteers organized by Tammy Moriearty, & so many volunteers that helped make it a success (way too many to name, but special love to Local LBK/Taylor Andrew McAlpine/Katy McAlpine for running the table at the front, & Lindsey Conroy &Amanda Lea Daw & Amanda Stewart & Alyssa DeHoyos & Robert Houston Rodriguez & Stephanie & all my friend family who are always there to help out).


okay, I gotta stop here. for now. again, lots of love to everyone there & those who couldn’t make it but gave lots of support, & this place is so damn special. XO.