Helen DeVitt Jones Print Studio

The Helen DeVitt Jones Print Studio opened in October 2013, and remains the only studio of its kind in West Texas. The studio is available for novice and experienced artists. It is fully equipped for state-of-the-art lithography, woodcut, linocut, etching, monotype, screenprint, and letterpress printing. Classes in a variety of printmaking techniques are offered throughout the year. The Printmaking Studio also has open studio space hours for artists and class participants to continue working on printmaking projects with the presence of a printmaking specialist.  CASP has purchased equipment for the print studio with the generous support of the Helen DeVitt Jones Foundation.

In 2015, Victoria Marie Bee met with CASP Founder Charles Adams and CASP Director Chad Plunket, and began the process of setting up letterpress at the print studio. Letterpress equipment (including wood & metal type) has continued to be supported by V.M.BEE's letterpress print sales (new prints available for purchase every First Friday Art Trail). Throughout her Helen DeVitt Jones Print Fellowships and her two-year artist residency, she has increased community engagement and continues to actively participate in educating hundreds of novices and experts in printing (and helping all find a passion and happiness in the process).

The studio is furnished with professional equipment, which includes but is not limited to the following:

  • 34″/60″ lithography press

  • Various sizes of lithography stones

  • 34″/60″ etching press

  • 31″/40″ exposure unit

  • Various rollers and hand tools

  • Screen printing equipment

  • Varying screen sizes up to 31” x 40” outside edge

  • Ventilation areas

  • Wash-out sink

  • Light table

  • Vandercook SP 15 letterpress

  • Metal and wood type

  • Type-set table

Open Studio Hours (at the Helen DeVitt Jones Print Studio)

Charles Adams Studio Project offers open studio hours to the public  at the Helen DeVitt Jones Print Studio. Bring your own paper & its only $5 per hour.

Led by Victoria Marie Bee, open studio hours are Saturdays 1pm-6pm  (thru December  2018, then the schedule may change).