letterpress posters designed & printed by Adam Mulsow & Victoria Marie Bee, November 2018


letterpress collaboration with Adam Mulsow

letterpress printed two editions of posters for Beto O’Rourke’s 2018 campaign for senate, raising over a thousand dollars plus, thru donations made at VMBEE’s Studio 4 during November’s First Friday Art Trail, through election day, & beyond.

the skateboarding edition was made in collaboration with Adam Mulsow, who designed the top plate based on the video of Beto skateboarding at a Whataburger. the Beto logo came from Beto’s team (both plates lasercut by TTU’s 3D Annex & Dirk Fowler, & made type-high). the second edition was printed using the lasercut plate of the logo, mixed with vintage letterpress cuts (showcasing a lot of texas love).