ADJUNCT / Professor Bee

South Plains College - Fine Arts

ART 1309: Art Appreciation

Spring 2018 - Lubbock Campus; Fall 2017 - Reese Campus

An introductory survey of the visual arts with guidelines to evaluate art by focusing on selected works from the textbook, as well as including current local exhibitions & creating individual projects. This course fills the Visual & Performing Arts core curriculum requirements. No prerequisite required.

  • Cultivate a greater appreciation & understanding for the arts

  • Introduce students to a broad range of art media & techniques

  • Promote discussions of the visual, intellectual, social, & historical facets of art pieces

  • Provide techniques to evaluate, appreciate, & understand the art

This class consists of the following: lectures; meetings at designated locations, such as art museums, galleries &/or artist's studios; guest artist lectures; Internet-museum & gallery visits; Videos & DVDs; Group Projects; art journal entries; &, exhibition visits at FFAT (specific instructions covered in class).

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